The New Pedo-philes? – December 23rd, 2013 6:41 pm

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How much longer?

How much longer, until the common pedophile (because, you know it’s just a matter of time until this “sexual preference” is deemed about as common as the nose on your face) starts proclaiming that they are special, exceptional people whose day will come?  The “day”, of course, refers to the time in history when those who have a deep desire to entertain sexual proclivities towards children will be welcomed with open arms.

We’re already witnessing the culture’s acceptance of the “special” and “exceptional” homosexual person, whose day came long before gay playwright Larry Kramer told a television audience at the Tony Awards in 2011 that gays “are a very special people, an exceptional people, and that our day will come.”

That comment came from a recent article penned by Austin Ruse at Crisis Magazine.  ”The New Homophiles”, Ruse calls them.  They, who while tout being devout Christians, disagree with how homosexuality is perceived by those who disagree with homosexuality.  It should be made clear that the New Homophile does disagree with homosexuality, too.  Well… sorta.

But while the New Homophiles – and their critics, including Ruse – continue to hash things out, we are left to wonder about that “common pedophile” seeking acceptance.

We are left to wonder if those bent on de-stigmatizing this disorder have done their own homework, or if they are simply taking a page out of the gay agenda playbook.

We wonder, because this most recent article from the Toronto Star smacks of a type of perverted plagiarism.  To wit, pedophilia used to be linked to early childhood trauma… but it’s actually biological… the condition can’t change… 1 to 5 per cent of men are pedophiles…  Y’know.  Them old chestnuts.

The article goes on to state, “bolstered by this research, pedophiles who have never molested children are seeking social acceptance.  ‘We can resist’”

How much longer until the New Pedophiles make their cause known?  How much longer until well-known Christian bloggers endeavour to enlighten that we’ve had these good folk all wrong, all these years?

And will that first “out ‘n open” speech make waves in the next decade, or so?  Perhaps sooner?

Perhaps at the ESPYs?



2 comments on “The New Pedo-philes? – December 23rd, 2013 6:41 pm

  1. This is silly.

    It is too simplistic to see the acceptance of homosexuality as part of some slippery slope towards allowing anything.

    In reality, it is part of a paradigm that probably excludes pedophilia to a GREATER degree than any previous culture.

    Homosexuality is becoming accepted based on a paradigm that places a high premium on relations constructed voluntaristically, with a heavy emphasis on freedom and consent. According to this notion, there is no reason to exclude same-sex relations if they are the free choice of adult subjects mutually consenting.

    This paradigm, however, abhors pedophilia exactly because of the lack of freedom, consent, or mutuality. Even if a child can appear to willingly go along with something, everyone knows that the psychological differential between children and adults is such that children cannot do so; they don’t have the psychosocial autonomy or independence to do so.

    So unless there is a corresponding development towards seeing children in general as possessing freedom as autonomous adult subjects capable of total self-possession and independence (unlikely)…you won’t be seeing a normalization of pedophilia, as it’s the exact opposite of the freedom and mutual-consent paradigm that has led to the normalization of adult homosexuality.

    (And if children do gain total social autonomy, it’s unclear in what sense they’d be “children” anymore at all).

    • Damian Goddard on said:

      It isn’t too simplistic. Your skewing “voluntary” sexual relations to your own experience, or are whimsically destigmatizing it to fit your narrative. You have to be ignorant to not realize that the envelope on sexual behaviour is being pushed ever so dramatically, and quickly. Have you ever heard of the first sexual encounters of these hard-core homosexual activists? They laud their exposure, at an early age, and fail to see it as “abuse”. You see it as such. And it’s neither here nor there, how you see it or fail to condone it. The fact is, there are those who feel human sexuality is on the “cutting edge”. And pedophilia is the next frontier.

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