U.S. Supreme Court under the Marriage Microscope – December 3, 2012 5:14pm

To some who hold to the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage, there has to be somewhat of an uneasiness surrounding the latest legislative developments regarding marriage.

To others, it’s just another chapter in what has become a long, drawn-out battle that’s been waged for the better part of a decade.

But even those folk should have the tenterhooks on stand-by come Friday.  That’s when the 9 members of the U.S. Supreme court will convene for another private conference to discuss the possibility of reviewing Proposition 8 – California’s gay marriage ban that was deemed unconstitutional and overturned this past February.

Now, I say “possibility” because what could very well happen is that the Justices decide to put off the decision on Prop 8 for next Monday.  Or for next year.

But keep in mind, that is just one of 10 cases up for review.  Yes, the Supreme Court members have lots on their plate where the issue of marriage is concerned.  They face 10 cases which challenge the Defense of Marriage Act which was written into law back in 1996.

Of course, it’s a law Barack Obama is completely ignoring, ordering the DOJ last year to stop defending DOMA in court.

It is obvious where the Obama Administration stands on the issue.  What’s not so crystal clear is how the 9-member high court will stand on it, let alone which cases they decide to take on next June.

Or, next fall, according to some reports.

Listen.  The bottom line is, neither side is letting up in this battle to decide the future of marriage in the United States.

And if pro-marriage supporters thought the heartache of November 6th was a tough pill to swallow, what provides a sobering thought is the fact that things could get a whole lot worse.

And that’s where we come in.

We’ve gotta have faith in what we believe.  We’ve truly got to wear our love of “one man, one woman” on our sleeve.  We’ve got to live it.  Breathe it.  Discuss it.  Drink it all in, during this most festive time of the year.  The lawmakers and justices of the peace will get their say on the contentious topic.  But until then, we MUST be brave in vocalizing our support for the bedrock of civilization – the nuclear family.

My feathers used to get ruffled when someone would commend me for speaking up in defense of marriage.  My response would be “how sad that I’m being back-slapped for supporting one of the oldest institutions known to mankind!”  Well, I don’t think that way anymore.  And why?  Because… well… it’s nasty “out there”.

No longer do we live within a “live and let live” parameter.  It is now, “if you don’t agree, you are worthy of being labelled loathsome.”

This age calls for courage.  And it also calls for standing up and being counted.

As my friend Brian Brown puts it, “marriage is worth fighting for”.

Speaking of Brian, please check out his recent blog post on what awaits marriage in the United States.  It’s a good read.  And it’s a clarion call for all those who understand what’s at stake to rise up as a galvanizing force to turn the tide.  We must support those who are engaged in this crucial battle to save the family.

We can’t wait for next Monday.  The time to act, is now.



4 comments on “U.S. Supreme Court under the Marriage Microscope – December 3, 2012 5:14pm

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  2. Dude, you are a fucking idiot and a liar.

    No wonder your ass got fired, you moron.

    Bearing false witness?

    Doesn’t our savior have a few choice words about that, brother?

    Shame on you. You’re pathetic.

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  3. “Of course, it’s a law Barack Obama is completely ignoring, ordering the DOJ last year to stop defending DOMA in court.”

    No matter how many times you repeat this, it’s still a lie. The Obama administration IS enforcing DOMA.

  4. Isn’t this ASSHOLE canadian?

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