When It’s NOT “Brave” to Kill the Innocent – January 30th, 2014 11:53 am

“I wrote this on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, not to convince you to be Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. I wrote this because the women who choose to have abortions are real people with real emotions and real reasons why they chose that path. Choosing abortion is not easy for anyone and it is something that will effect them for the rest of their lives. Please be respectful when expressing your opinion and know that you can truly never say what you would do if you were in that woman’s situation.”

The age of “feelings”. Except for the tiny soul who will never, ever develop those feelings in this mortal coil.

Read this.PregnancyTest-550 And understand that IF that woman had walked out of the abortion clinic refusing to conduct one of the most heinous of crimes, she would NOT have been exemplifying “Fortitude”. Fortitude, would have been the woman (a la Mary Wagner) sitting down next to this lost soul in the clinic, with a rose in one hand, and the love of Christ falling from her lips, risking her very freedom to see that this world witnesses one less abortion.

If BOTH the woman who penned this heartbreaking account AND Mary Wagner/Linda Gibbons-types are ‘courageous’… if everyone is ‘courageous’, then the word has lost its meaning. Then the word no longer exists. Then “Fortitude”, one of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, has been reduced to a joke. If we are going to call women who do not kill their own young ‘brave’, then – I’m afraid – God is being mocked. And Satan must be astonished at the work he’s getting done in our world.

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  1. Jamie January 30, 2014 at 10:48 #

    I was struck by the post of the woman’s description of the people waiting in the abortion clinic waiting room. What struck me was the couple in their 40′s who were aborting their child. My husband was 47 years old and I was 43 years old when we discovered I was pregnant. We were expecting our first grandchild at the time. Our oldest son was 22 years old and married. To say we were shocked was an understatement. We never considered abortion. Although it was hard starting all over again, we did it. Our son was born 6 months after our first grandchild. My husband was 48 by that time and I was 15 days shy of my 44th birthday. We adapted, after a fashion, to our young son. And we found out that he managed to keep us young at heart. When our youngest was confirmed at the age of 14, his nephew was confirmed the same day. He was 6 months older and the Bishop kept asking them, “Are you brothers? Are you cousins?” Our youngest kept saying, “I’m his uncle” and our oldest grandson kept saying, “But I’m older.” Now our youngest son is in the Navy and our oldest grandson is in the Marines. Was it hard to start all over? Yes. But to see him all grown up now, what we went through, was all worth it. It was hard but not impossible. What a tragedy that the couple killed their baby. That child would have taught them the meaning of sacrificial love.

    • Damian Goddard January 31, 2014 at 10:48 #

      Jamie, you sound like an excellent role-model! Thanks so much for chiming in, here. You never considered abortion. Did that make you feel like a “hero”? Did allowing your baby to live make you feel like a war veteran who lost both legs from the war, diving on a live grenade to save his company? “It was hard but not impossible”. Exactly. Doing the “impossible” is heroic. Doing the “hard” is not heroic; it’s called life.
      Thanks again, Jamie.

      • Jamie January 31, 2014 at 10:48 #

        I didn’t feel like a hero. I felt like a mom who had to remember that the sacrament of marriage gave us the grace to accept all the children God chooses to send to us. But, it always sends a chill down my spine whenever married people in their 40′s choose to have an abortion. They rob themselves of something beautiful. It’s a lot of fun watching my youngest son and his nephew who is 6 months older than him together. They have such a great relationship. One minute friends and the next rivals. God has a plan for them. I can feel it. It must be an awesome plan.
        Our parish is blessed with truly heroic moms. They are so graceful, charming and full of the joy of living truly sacramental marriages. All of the ones I know and admire homeschool their children. One family has 10 children, another 7. Then there are two other families with 5 children. The moms are all friends and after Mass on Sunday the children play and the moms visit. It is truly awesome to see. They are building a culture of life. They are doing it quietly within their families and within our parish. We are so blessed to have them.

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